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Location Tran Ly Hotel - Hue city- Viet Nam, Vi tri tren ban do cua khach san tran ly hotel thanh pho Hue


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Welcome to TRAN LY Hotel
Tran Ly hotel is a new hotel in Hue, ideally located at 78 Le Loi street, in the heart of the city, next to the beautiful Huong River. Tran Ly Hotel is a small hotel offering exceptional service. Tran Ly hotel is near to some famous places:
  • * Huong river (next to Tran Ly hotel).
  • * Dong Ba market (about a 7 minute walk).
  • * Trang Tien plaza (about a 6 minutes walk).
  • * Imperial Citadel (about 5 minutes by taxi).

We can arrange special pick-ups from the bus and train stations.

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